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Epoxy Flooring Dallas, Texas.

Envisioning beautiful epoxy flooring? Our epoxy floor contractors in Dallas can do it all! We help homeowners and facility owners update their space with cost-effective and durable epoxy flooring solutions. From epoxy flake flooring to metallic epoxy floor coating, your options are endless!

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring in Dallas, TX


Epoxy flooring is growing in popularity.

Epoxy flooring is growing in popularity throughout Texas as more homeowners and facility owners realize the benefits it can offer. Epoxy is applied to existing concrete as a liquid for almost endless possibilities. Once it cures, it creates a hard plastic coating that bonds with the concrete. Epoxy flooring offers unparalleled durability, strength, and beauty.

Say goodbye to stained, dusty, ugly concrete for good. Your new epoxy floor doesn’t just look great; it also resists damage from chemicals, oil and gas spills, abrasions, foot and vehicle traffic, water, and much more.

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Some of our Epoxy Flooring Services.


Epoxy Flooring


We install epoxy concrete floor solutions throughout Dallas, TX. Whether you want a simple high-gloss floor in gray or candy apple red or you’re envisioning a unique metallic epoxy floor, we can help. Epoxy flooring is a highly customizable flooring solution perfect for homes and commercial facilities.

Metallic Epoxy Floor


Epoxy doesn’t need to be a single color. With the addition of metallic mica chip flakes, we can create a gorgeous metallic epoxy floor coating for your business, garage, or home. Metallic epoxy floors must be seen to be believed. When done professionally, your floor can look just like poured liquid metal, a lava lamp, or a shimmering lake.

Epoxy Flake Flooring


Go from bland to stunning with epoxy flake flooring. We create unique multi-colored epoxy flooring in Dallas with your choice of color flakes to accent your home or business design. This type of flooring is popular in basements, medical facilities, and schools with a unique effect that’s far from boring.

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Epoxy Basement Floor


Planning to finish your basement? Finishing your concrete slab has never been easier. An epoxy basement floor can add a decorative flooring solution that holds up against water, spills, and foot traffic. We offer a huge array of decorative options like epoxy flake and metallic epoxy for a one-of-a-kind floor.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy flooring is the top choice for many commercial facilities like schools, medical centers, sports facilities, and retail stores. Your commercial epoxy floor coating can withstand harsh disinfectants and spills without damage and look great doing it.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy flooring in Dallas is the clear choice for industrial flooring as it has a long life and unrivaled durability. Epoxy creates a seamless high-gloss finish that’s easy to clean, hygienic, and ultra-resistant to chemicals and spills. We can even use different colors to designate safety and traffic zones to improve safety.

Epoxy Concrete Repair


If your concrete has large cracks or water problems, epoxy repair can be a cost-effective and reliable solution. We inject a special epoxy into the cracks to seal away water and even fix structural problems with your concrete slab or foundation.

Concrete Polishing


Epoxy flooring is the top choice for many commercial facilities like schools, medical centers, sports facilities, and retail stores. Your commercial epoxy floor coating can withstand harsh disinfectants and spills without damage and look great doing it.

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Questions? We’re here to help. Here are a few common questions about epoxy flooring in Dallas. If you have additional questions or you want to learn more about epoxy, give us a call!

How long does an epoxy floor system last?


In general, residential epoxy flooring will last for at least 10 years, especially when it’s installed indoors or in a basement. Commercial and industrial epoxy flooring can last for 5 to 10 years. Professional epoxy floor installation is the biggest factor in how long your floor will last. DIY epoxy kits, which have become very popular in Texas, cannot deliver professional results. Maintaining your epoxy floor is also essential to maximize its lifespan.


There are other factors that can contribute to premature wear of your new floor. While epoxy can handle vehicle traffic in a garage and heavy foot traffic while resisting abrasion, these factors can wear out your epoxy floor faster. When your epoxy flooring shows its age, a new epoxy floor coating can restore it to like-new condition.

What are the most common uses of epoxy flooring in Dallas, TX?


There are many uses for epoxy in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. In Texas, many homeowners choose a garage epoxy floor coating to banish dusty, ugly garage concrete. Epoxy can transform your garage into an attractive and functional workshop while resisting spills of chemicals, gas, and oil. Epoxy can also be installed in your home or basement. A decorative metallic epoxy floor or epoxy fleck flooring can be a beautiful addition to any space with durability, low maintenance, and anti-slip features.


Epoxy flooring really shines when it comes to commercial use. A commercial epoxy floor coating is one of the most durable and attractive solutions. It can hold up against heavy-duty cleaning chemicals and disinfectants that would wear out other floor systems. It can be used to designate walking paths and barriers in your facility. Decorative epoxy can also fit well with any commercial design.

Will my epoxy floor be durable?


Yes! Epoxy flooring is ultra durable and stands up well against heat, fire, abrasions, and water. It’s also nearly impervious to almost all chemicals, including bleach, gasoline, and oil. You can expect your seamless epoxy floor to last for about a decade and protect the concrete underneath while looking as great as it performs.

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